Firena is a television personality, she also works for the Reverse Company.

Firena is an energetic actress, who will do anything for a new role, such as getting breast implants to raise her popularity. She refuses to kidnap Yuan, until Sofia explains that if Firena is successful in the capture, she can get a miniseries. Upon finding Yuan, she is immediately called boob job. To show that they are in fact real, she flaunts her breasts to Yuan. Joshua appears, only seeing a strange woman flaunting her body to a young boy and throws a cake at her face. Kotono appears to the rescue as Loli Black, while Firena transforms with the Lovers card. Kotono is successful in bringing Firena down, and later on leaves Reverse company.


  • Strength - As a normal human, she has enough strength to swing Kafka around.


  • Vine Whip - Creates a thorny whip made out of a vine.
  • Flight - The transformation allows Firena to have wings for flight.


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