Kafka is a puppet creature with tree/wood like powers, he is the assistant to Sofia.

Personality Edit

Kafka is a very strange person, but at the same time, he is mellow and easy going.

Story Edit

Kafka is introduced in the second episode, when he drops down on a vine in front of Firena, spooking her a bit. Sofia and Firena get into an argument, which leads to Firena grabbing Kafka and throwing him like a baseball. In which Sofia takes a bat and hits him through the wall, outside the building. Kafka engraves into the ground, making a body sized hole. He notices Edie Tsukahara and greets him with a hello, and goes off on his duties.

Abilities Edit

Clone - Kafka can create a clone of himself, by pulling a leaf out of his finger and boiling it. This created Kafka Plus

Episodes Edit

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