Kafka Plus is a clone of Kafka, it was grown from a leaf that came out of Kafka's finger and then boiled into a clone of him. Kafka Plus's mission is to find Kotono Hayama, however it's mission becomes faded when it realizes how much fun sucking victims blood is and stealing their ribbons. After Kafka Plus's defeat, he wishes to be reincarnated as a real girl.


  • Wall Climb - Kafka Plus has the ability to walk on walls and ceilings like an insect.
  • Blood Sucking - Kafka Plus can suck someone's blood like a vampire, leaving the victim knocked out and little memory of the accident. Sucking someone's blood makes Kafka Plus's skin look "Supple and Radiant".
  • Paper Thin - Kafka Plus can become as thin as paper, to get through cracks between the door.
  • Growth - Kafka Plus can grow twice his size, this allows him to have a superior strength, and is shown crushing concrete objects.



  • Kafka Plus is the only character to die in the series and stay dead, this is because he was a clone of Kafka and didn't really exist.
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