Kotono Hayama / Loli Black


Loli Born! A Girl Becomes Super Goth-Loli!


13 Years Old




An unnamed father and mother



Main Weapon



Joshua (foster father)

Kotono Hayama (葉山 小十乃 Hayama Kotono) is a young middle school student, and the protagonist of the series. She works for the Kuroki Detective Agency with her friend, Natsuki Shirafuji and Misaki Hijiri. She uses the card Justice, and transforms into Loli Black. Her main weapon is a sword, which she uses for Judgement, her finishing move. She is voiced by Azusa Kataoka.

Appearance Edit

Kotono has turquoise-green hair, that goes up to her waist. She has two purple ribbons on each side of her head and a black bow at the top. She wears a one piece outfit, with white poofy shoulders/sleeves, white tie, black corset type around her waist and a purple dress. She wears purple leggings/socks and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Kotono is very happy go lucky and energetic, she is a caring person, caring for her friends and relatives. Kotono was an orphaned girl who was taken in by the priest and now adopted father, Joshua. The case of the missing children hit close to home for Kotono, this made her work harder to find the missing kids.

One day, she got tangled into a mess with the masked villain and ran into Ewan, who magically put the "Justice" Tarot card into her body. This allowed for her to turn into loli black, and defeated the masked villain, who eventually was found out to be Herlock.


Kotono's transformation involves Kotono in an ancient greek type of attire, she grabs a sword and pokes it through a strange flesh like ball. A mucky ooze crawls from the sword, onto Kotono and falls to the floor. The muck turns her white outfit black; as she transforms, she says the following.

Kotono: The light of Foundation. That sleeps in faith. A sacred power that atones for sins! Release the chain of corruption! Grant me now, your guidance! Sacred! Loli black is here!


  • Slingshot
  • Sword

Abilities Edit

  • Judgement - Judgment negates a cards power, destroying the card and freeing it from the user.
  • Black Belt Ribbon - Strands of black ribbons fly out of the crystal in Kotono's sword, and latch onto a person to stop them from going anywhere. It can also be used to burn the victim, after being caught.



  • Kotono has a problem accepting Joshua as her adoptive father.
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