Loli Born! A Girl Becomes Super Goth-Loli! (ロリ誕生!少女が超ゴスロリに!) Is the first episode of Saint October, that aired on January 4, 2007.

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Loli Born! A Girl Becomes Super Goth-Loli!Edit

Saint October starts with Keiko Green, appearing on ATV news. She reports that another boy has been kidnapped, and the culprit is a strange masked man. Kotono Hayama and Natsuki Shirafuji are watching Keiko from a giant TV in a park, they scare off a black cat in the bushes, the anime reveals their names and the intro starts.

The screen goes to a husband and wife who are screaming outside of their window for "Kazu-chan", who has just been kidnapped by the masked man. While their son is in peril, he doesn't understand why his parents are talking to the mysterious villain and not just saving him already. The masked man runs off, while the parents call the police. Natsuki and Kotono are on the scene, Natsuki is surveying the landscape and watching the villain. The police thought they had trapped the masked magician, but it was the magician who trapped them! As the magician makes his escape into the air, young Kazu-Chan thinks the masked magician is actually pretty cool. Kotono arrives on a flying vehicle, her attempt to stop the magician fails when birds fly out of his top hat and destroy her machine. The young boy is excited at how amazing it was for the magician to pull that off; Kotono on the other hand, has a family angry since she crash landed and made a gaping hole through their roof.

A new day introduces the hang out spot, the Kuroki Detective Office. Father Joshua, is a priest, caretaker and adoptive father of Kotono, Joshua has baked a yellow melon cake for the girls. Kōshirō Kuroki is also introduced, he is bummed because his chief has gotten mad at him for misappropriating resources. Koshiro wants to know which one of the girls hacked into the police network to steal information, but to his dismay, the girls completely ignore him and compliment Joshua on his cake while asking Koshiro for some tea.

The scene is changed to the Reverse Company Headquarters, and goes to the masked magician watching the news about the kidnappings. He consoles with Sofia, he would like to return the kids to their homes, as he has no purpose to kidnap them, while they also ruin his walls and furniture. The magician is worried that Kotono may have seen his face during the kidnapping.

Natsuki leaves for the day with her butler, while Joshua and Koshiro bicker, Kotono decides to do more research on the kidnapping from last night. She feels bad for the kidnapped children and wants to find out how to save them, she's more worked up than ever before, because the kidnapped are all children.

The masked magician appears again, in normal clothes. This time he is trying to choose which little boy to kidnap. He's not sure which one to take, because his boss Kurtz didn't specify and wants an "Authentic little boy" captured. He spots the police and decides to change his attire, he holds up a card that transforms him into the magician!

Kotono stayed at the agency so late, that it is dark now. Worrying that Joshua is going to be mad at her, she notices the moon is shining, and sees a boy crying in the woods. The lost boy is upset and doesn't know where he is, nor does he know his name. Kotono remarks that they should leave or a bad man might kidnap him, the magician spying in the woods agrees, he is a bad man.

The scene changes to the president of the Reverse company, Kurtz, Sofia and Ash. They hold their hands up as cards appear in front of them and transform with new outfits. Sofia shows Kurtz pictures of all the kidnapped boys, none of which are the ones that Kurtz is looking for, however he can sense that the boy is out there.

Kotono and the young boy are in a church with Joshua, the boy is afraid of Joshua. Kotono reassures him that he will be safe with Old-Man Joshua and their cockatiel Nike. Joshua gets upset with Kotono for calling him an old man, when he is only 27. Nike calls Joshua and old man several times, and gets thrown out the door by Joshua. Nike is stepped on accidentally by Natsuki, she joins the others as they talk about how Kotono was in the same situation as the young boy. Natsuki is questioned why she came by so late, she reveals that she had made a discovery with Kotono's "Identikit", which created a print out of the masked magician's face, which her butler had seen somewhere. Before she can reveal who the mystery magician is, the latter breaks through a window and kidnaps the young boy. Kotono borrows Natsuki's flying vehicle to chase after the magician, Kotono traps the magician, just to be hit by an illusion that shows her parents. The young boy helps Kotono out of her trance, which gives her the will power to break free from the illusion. Kotono attacks the magician's cane with a slingshot and charges at him to retrieve the boy from his clutches, the magician grabs his weapon back and charges up a spell to attack her. The boy stands up with his hand out and a strange marking on his palm, he puts his hand at her forehead and it gives her a magic power as she transforms into Loli Black. The magician is not impressed with Kotono's wardrobe change and shoots energy balls at her, however with her newfound powers, she destroys his attacks with her sword. To the magician's dismay, Kotono has been given the Judgement Tarot card. Kotono vanquishes the magician's abilities and cuts the Magician Tarot card in half, he remarks this could be a problem for his leader Kurtz. Kotono has no idea what just happened and is very confused, the boy reveals his name to be Yuan. Joshua and Natsuki find the two and ask if they're okay, both of them are confused with Kotono's wardrobe change as well. The scene splits to Kurtz, who is very happy and can see Yuan's face in his mind.

Keiko Green is back for another ATV news announcement, the kidnapped boys have been brought back to their families. They have arrested Elrock, and his only question is he wants his deposit back.

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