Loli Remath! Elrock's Revenge! (ロリ再戦!エルロックの超リベンジ!) Is the fifth episode of Saint October, that aired February 1, 2007.

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Loli Rematch! Elrock's Revenge!Edit

The first scene takes place at "Apashiri Prison", Elrock is in his prison cell feeding his pet birds, Osuzu and Suzuki. While talking to his birds, a warden comes by and explains that he is free to go. Elrock is confused because his sentence is 150 years. He says goodbye to his pets and the prison warden, as he looks at family photo of him and his sister. Sofia appears in a limo, he understands now that it was Reverse Company that freed him.

Kotono and Yuan are drooling over Joshua's next cake, Classic Chocolate Gateau, which is specially made for adults. Koushiro walks in with some tea, and Joshua talks about a missing cat case. Kotono volunteers to help, when the black cat from the other episode causes a ruckus and ruins Koushiro's puzzle. The cat is attracted to Yuan, but Koushiro thinks they need to get rid of it. Natsuki arrives, but before she enters the agency, she gets a weird feeling. As Natsuki enters the Detective agency, she notices that they all ate Joshua's cake without her!

Sofia brings Elrock back, he has no intentions on coming back to Reverse and mentions that his Tarot card was destroyed by Judgment. Elrock is terrified when thinking about what happened, and really doesn't want to fight Judgment again. Ash mentions that Elrock could go back to his 150 year sentence, or fight judgment again. Elrock declines, Kurtz will let him go, but he mentions Elrock's sister. Afraid that they may do something to his sister, Elrock explains his card was destroyed. A crafty Kurtz presents Elrock's Magician card, taped back together. Kurtz attaches the Magician card back to Elrock, and now Elrock spots a new look.

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