Loli Surprise! The Rumored Beautiful Woman Invades! (ロリ吃驚(びっくり)!噂の美女が超襲来!) Is the second episode of Saint October, that aired on January 11, 2007.

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Loli Surprise! The Rumored Beautiful Woman Invades! Edit

The second episode of Saint October starts off with a little Kotono, lost in the woods. Young Kotono cries for her mother and father, and ends up being greeted by a younger Joshua. Young Joshua assures a young Kotono that everything will be all right, she is abruptly woken up by Natsuki, who informs she has slept through all of her classes! Natsuki mentions how dangerous the previous day was, and Kotono remembers receiving her strange power.

Keiko Green appears on an outside television at the park, as the girls have lunch, talking about finding Yuan's parents. Talking about Yuan, they take into consideration that his parents must be worried. Natsuki says that even Kotono's parents must worry about her, Kotono has a hard time accepting Joshua as her adoptive father.

A blonde woman is on screen, trying to sell a sun protection mask by "Reverse". Koushiro and Joshua discuss the womans breast size, he deducts that she got breast implants because her popularity was going down. Koushiro tries to hush Joshua, because Yuan is in the room. But Joshua explains to Yuan, that with science, it is possible to make someone's breast size bigger. Joshua thinks it's good to tell the truth to kids, in which Kotono and Natsuki enter the room. They agree with Joshua, and get mad at Koushiro, not knowing what they were talking about. Joshua presents the sweets of the day, Tomato Tart.

Sofia, Ash and Kurtz discuss Elrock's arrest, Sofia apologizes for her subordinates failure. Kurtz believes that his evil villain credibility would increase if he were to have a black cat.

Koushiro mentions that the police have missing people on the bottom of the scale, and so they may not try to help find his parents. In the mean time, he must be looked after, Father Joshua decides to be Yuan's caretaker. Joshua, Kotono, Yuan and Nike are all eating at the dinner table, Kotono takes good care of Yuan and Joshua mentions she looks like a mother, which she corrects to big sister. After Yuan and Nike call Joshua an old man, to his dismay. The scene switches out to bed time, as Kotono and Joshua talk about Yuan's parents. Joshua doesn't want Kotono to get too attached for when Yuan's parents come to pick him up, he mentions that all parents worry about their children, Kotono remarks that this never happened to hers.

Firena enters the stage at Reverse, she was running 5 minutes late because of a shoot. Kafka appears dropping down on Firena, Sofia wants Firena to locate Yuan. But she does not think she will be successful anywhere she goes, since fans will notice her. Sofia bribes her, if she finds the young man Kurtz is looking for, she'll give her a role in a mini-series! Firena doesn't like how Sofia is talking to her and calls her a brat, she grabs a hanging Kafka and swings him around. Sofia grabs a bat, Firena swings Kafka and let's him go like a baseball. Sofia hits him out of the building and he lands thousands of feet on the ground, making a nice body sized hole in the ground. Kafka says hi to Edie Tsukahara, enjoying the scenery while petting a cat. Edie mentions that Reverse is such a strange company, with employees falling from the sky and quests to look for a black cat.

As Kotono bids Joshua, Nike and Yuan a farewell as she goes off to school. She runs past a suspicious Firena, in a strange get up, who's looking for a particular young boy. Firena asks some passer by's about the young boy, but instead is accused of being a partner with the kidnapper from last week. Firena reveals herself to the village folk, and is able to escape without them thinking she is a kidnapper too. However, she really wants that role in a mini-series and encourages herself to fight on! Suddenly, she feels a strange feeling, a purple aura surrounds her, she knows exactly where to find the boy now!

The screen changes to Joshua, Yuan and Nike, Joshua is making a Walnut cake for the day. While Joshua prepares the cake, Nike and Yuan go outside. They encounter a suspicious Firena spying on them, after Nike calls her a suspicious woman numerous times, she reveals herself! Yuan quickly remembers her, as "Boob job!". Firena thinks Yuan is mistaken and flaunts her breasts to Yuan, Joshua walks outside to see what is happening and throws his Walnut cake at her! Nike flies over to Kotono's school and informs her as to what is going on, Kotono and Natsuki request to leave class. Their teacher, Tsubaki Seo, allows them to leave. Yuan mentions that the lady is the boob job lady, Joshua is confused, but soon realizes she is the boob job lady. Upset that they keep calling her the boob job lady, she throws her hands in the air and reveals that she has the Lovers Tarot card. Firena transforms into a vine woman; Kotono and Natsuki arrive on a flying machine, to knock Firena down. The girls check to make sure Joshua and Yuan are okay, but Firena escapes! Suddenly, Yuan is takenaway by Firena's thorn whip. She sprouts wings, flies away saying she'll finally get her miniseries. Kotono transforms into Loli Black, she uses her Black Belt Ribbon move to capture Firena. As the ribbons grab onto Firena, she drops Yuan, but Natsuki saves him with the flying machine. Kotono uses the ribbons to injure Firena with a burning sensation, as Firena falls to the ground, Kotono uses the Judgement move to take Firena's powers away. After Firena returns to normal, she says to tune in next week! Joshua slaps Kotono, he is mad at her for doing something so dangerous, like fighting Firena. Joshua doesn't want Kotono to use those powers again, but Yuan remarks that Kotono is the only Judgement.

Firena is angry at Sofia, because she didn't know that Judgment would be on the playing field. She refuses to capture Yuan, and does not care about her mini series. Ash and Kurtz talk about Judgement, calling it a nuisance to have around.

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