Lolis Troubled! Vampire From The Daytime! ロリ迷惑!超昼間から吸血鬼!. Is the fourth episode of Saint October, that aired on January 25, 2007

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Lolis Troubled! Vampire From The Daytime!Edit

The episode starts out with Kotono Hayama asleep, Yuan wakes her up as she is going to be late for school. Joshua doesn't like when she takes the flying machine to school, but she has no choice if she wants to be on time. Natsuki is going to be late as well, she eats her breakfast in the limo as Richard drives her to school. Koushiro is walking down the block as Kotono whacks him in the face with her foot, before he has a chance to do anything, Richard almost runs him over with the car (Koushiro ducks under the car). A boy, hits Koushiro in the head with his skateboard.

Meanwhile at Reverse Company, Kurtz is trying on some fake mustaches to see which suits him best. Sofia asks Kafka for help, he springs a leaf from his finger and boils it in a bowl. A tree root grows from it and turns into a Kafka clone, known as Kafka Plus. Sofia wants them to find the girl that Kurtz had drawn of picture of, they figured out from the uniform, which school Kotono goes to. The two Kafka's are set on a mission to find this girl in the uniform.

Kotono leaves for school on her flying machine, she see's her classmate Ryouhei on a skateboard who steals her breakfast as she hovers close to the ground. Kafka Plus is sneaking around the school, he finds a girl with the clothes from the portrait, but then sees another girl in the same outfit. Kafka Plus mentions that there are so many girls to choose from, and remarks that they all look tasty. Kotono is starving while in class because Ryouhei stole her breakfast, she vows not to forgive him. Natsuki mentions that he is insincere, Truant and yet gets great grades, he also has many admirers. He greatly annoys Kotono, and she wishes to one day reveal who he really is to her classmates. The screen cuts to a random classmate being attacked by Kafka Plus, while Kotono and Natsuki leave the classroom as per emergency. Since Kotono's lunch was stolen, the girls look to get some from the cafeteria. They hear a scream as they see a fainted girl in the auditorium, her ribbon is gone and she has bite marks on her neck. Sucking blood makes Kafka Plus's skin look supple and radiant, the bow is added for extra appearance, now Kafka Plus wants more and more ribbons. Their classmate wakes up, and has no idea what happened to her. Suddenly a student brings in another fainted victim, many other girls are brought in with the same symptoms. Kotono and Natsuki start an investigation! Natsuki takes a sample of the blood and mentions that a vampire's weaknesses are crosses and garlic, Kotono mentions that since this vampire is out at daytime, normal methods may not work on it. The girls need Koushiro's help, Natsuki will include a bonus for him if he does help. Koushiro rushes to the school, screaming about a bonus, he runs into Joshua and Yuan. Rumors are starting and many of the girls in the school are confusing the vampire as a charming handsome man, in which they want to get bitten. Natsuki, Kotono and Koushiro investigate the clues between all of the girls that have been bitten, with having a loss of memory, fainting and their ribbon's become missing. Natsuki figures it is a vampire with a ribbon fetish, she begins to create the "Vampire Attractor Mark II!". In order to lure the vampire in, which they ask Koushiro to be the bait. After class ends, Nike, Yuan and Joshua come by the school with "Steaming Hot Garlic Cake". Wondering where Koushiro is, Natsuki says he's on a mission, but in reality, the girls tied him up and stuck him in the vampire trap. After eating many things garlic, Kotono and Natsuki are ready to fight the vampire! By accident, Kotono finds the vampire! She runs away in surprise as Kafka Plus follows her, he corners her on the rooftop. Natsuki comes to the rooftop to see Kotono jump off in fear of the vampire, luckily she falls on an unsuspecting Ryouhei. Natsuki attacks Kafka Plus with her blowgun filled with bubbles, it is however ineffective. Kafka Plus grabs onto Natsuki and is about to make her a meal, when Kotono knocks him away with a flying machine. The girls use the time to transform into Loli Black and Loli White, Kafka Plus comments that they have such cute outfits. Kafka Plus is not playing around anymore, he grows twice his size and starts destroying things and grabs Natsuki. He wants to give the girls to Kurtz, once they're dead. Kafka Plus thinks the pretty frills on their outfits would look better on him, but the girls disagree when he has that face. Upset with what the girls said, he let's his guard down and drops Natsuki down by accident. Kotono uses her Black Belt Ribbon technique, which Kafka Plus loves the pretty ribbons, even if it's burning him. Kotono wastes no time and uses Judgement, Kafka Plus makes a comment that when he is reincarnated, he wants to be a real girl. Kafka Plus disappears without a trace, the girls question where the Tarot card went, however Yuan says he had no substance and was just a clone. Tsubaki is in the school late, wondering why teachers have to be in, when she could be on a date. She finds the vampire hunter tent from earlier and finds Koushiro, thinking he's a pervert.

Sofia apologizes to Kurtz because of Kafka Plus's failure; Kurtz pulls off his fake beard and insists that it did not hurt, despite the big red mark on his face. Ryouhei stops in front of Reverse Company, and starts walking towards the building.

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