Lolis United! The Young Lady Transforms Too! (ロリ共闘!お嬢様だって超変身!) Is the third episode of Saint October, that aired on January 18, 2007.

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Lolis United! The Young Lady Transforms Too!Edit

The episodes starts with Natsuki Shirafuji, in a purple mist, being chased by strange figures, she calls for Kotono Hayama who appears as Loli black. Kotono slices the foes down, however Yuan appears in trouble as well. Kotono leaves Natsuki to save Yuan, the figures go after Natsuki again as she screams and then wakes up from a dream. Once she wakes up, she understands it was a nightmare. She looks at all of the photo's and dolls that are of Kotono, as she says good morning to a photo of Kotono, she kisses it.

Kotono and Koushiro Kuroki, are looking for Firena at Reverse Company. The receptionist says she no longer works for the company and may have left for the country side. The receptionist confuses the two as performers, due to the questions about Firena. She redirects them to someone else, and as they leave they discuss why they couldn't tell the receptionist about a woman who transformed and tried to kidnap a young boy. As Kotono and Koushiro leave, a limo comes up containing Ash. Ash goes to the top floor, to find a black cat recking the place, Kurtz mentions that the cat won't listen to what he says. After spraying Kurtz with a liquid, he decides to slice the cats head with a card, giving it a mysterious power. Firena gave them a clue on the whereabouts of Yuan, and Kurtz suggests that the user of the Justice card is protecting Yuan. Kurtz wants to get rid of Judgment and tells the cat to find Judgment, in which it leaves. The cat bumps into Edie Tsukahara, who is upset that someone threw the cat out, he wishes they would allow cats in his apartment and wonders if he knows any cat lovers.

Natsuki is mad at Kotono for not going shopping with her, this was due to Kotono going to Reverse with Koushiro and investigating Firena. Natsuki worries that Yuan is more important to Kotono, than she is now. Yuan and Joshua, enter the room. Kotono gives Yuan a warm welcome, today's cake is Strawberry Gateaux. Natsuki is still upset and decides to leave, instead of having any cake. She leaves in a car, and thinking about what happened to Kotono? Koushiro is asked to bring Kotono to Natsuki's house, while Joshua and Yuan have tea. Yuan comes for the ride, he asks what an employer is. Kotono reveals that Natsuki's grandfather is the person who set up Koushiro's detective agency. Natsuki is upset in her room, with plenty of Kotono photo's and dolls. A man on the intercom reveals that she has a visitor, which is Kotono. Annoyed that Yuan is there with her, she pulls a lever which reveals a trap door that Koushiro falls into. Meanwhile, Joshua and Nike sip tea at the agency. Joshua worries that Natsuki might try something, but that someone is there to take the fall (Meaning Koushiro). Natsuki thinks that Yuan isn't normal, since he avoided all of the traps she set out for him. The black cat from earlier appears at the gates of Natsuki's house, it's forehead glows. The four of them are all outside having tea on Natsuki's porch, she mentions that all of Koushiro's medical fees will be added to his wages, but instead he'd rather sue her for her pranks, Yuan must go to the bathroom and Natsuki leads the way. Natsuki's Butler, asks Koushiro how the detective agency is going. Kotono complains that nothing interesting ever happens, but Koushiro thinks that is a good thing. Kotono worries that Natsuki use too many resources, while at the agency. Her butler explains that the agency has been passed down for many generations and does not need to make a profit. In a way, the agency is a not for profit, volunteer security force. Natsuki has a nefarious plot to flush Yuan down the toilet, but before she pulls the lever, he finishes. She tries a new trick, which falls through as well. But before she can try anything else, Yuan discovers Natsuki's room and is amazed at all of the Kotono memorabilia. As she shows off her items and memories of Kotono, Yuan mentions not having any memories. She starts feeling bad for Yuan, because he has no memories of anyone that was in his life. Natsuki then remembers what it was like being the rich girl in school, who was also incredibly smart, she was talked about and pushed to the side. It wasn't until she met Kotono, who didn't care who she was, that she was uniquely different and just as interesting. Natsuki starts to tell Yuan interesting stories about Kotono; meanwhile the black cat has discovered Kotono. The screen changes to Kurtz, the cat has notified him about the user of Judgement and decides to release the power of the card. Kurtz uses a power to unlock the cat's Tarot card, and turns the cat into a sabertooth like beast. The beast is after Kotono, Natsuki wants to get the family's militia, but it could hit Kotono. Koushiro attempts to hit the beast with a chair, but instead the chair breaks. Kotono remarks to herself that this guy is tough, and that she has to transform into loli black. Natsuki really wants to help Kotono, but Richard won't allow it, as much as she tries to get away from his grasp. Crying to help Kotono, Yuan puts his hand to her forehead and gives her a Tarot Card power. Meanwhile, Kotono is running far away from the mansion, so she can transform into Loli Black. As she is being chased by the beast, it tackles her. Natsuki appears from a flying machine and transforms into Loli white! She uses her nunchucks to attack the beast and shock it with electricity, and tells Kotono to transform. Kotono transforms, and the two do a double attack, releasing a ribbon technique to capture the beast. Natsuki wants to skin the beast and turn it into a bathroom rug, but Yuan says to wait, and that he is being controlled by bad people. Yuan urges the girls not to kill it, and for Loli Black to use Judgement on it. Loli Black uses judgement on the beast, and it turns back into the little defenseless cat that it was before.

Kurtz sees that Judgement defeated the cat, and once again lost. He taps into the cats memory and draws a picture of who Judgement is, which he draws Kotono.

Everyone is back at the agency, Natsuki and Yuan try to feed Kotono a piece of cake. Koushiro mentions that he only puts up with the girls because they pay his wages, and that they are difficult to deal with due to their misadventures. Natsuki and Yuan start arguing over Kotono, and who likes her more. Kotono persuades the two, that she'll eat both of their cakes, but worries she might get fat over it.

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