The following is the story to Saint October, summarized through each episode.


Episode 1: A Loli Is Born! The Girl Becomes A Super Goth Loli!Edit

The news reporter Keiko Green makes an announcement on TV, the masked magician has once again kidnapped another little boy. Kotono Hayama and Natsuki Shirafuji witness Keiko's report, and are hot on the kidnappers trail. Eventually, the Masked villain has kidnapped another boy. While Natsuki uses a device to locate the villain, Kotono uses a flying vehicle to find him, unfortunately the girls fail to capture him.

The masked magician explains to co-worker Sofia, that he has no reason of kidnapping the children and wants to know when their boss will ask him to stop, especially afraid that Kotono had seen his face, and doesn't want to get into trouble with the law.

Kotono has been working extra hard on this case, she really wants to find these missing kids, and it comes close to her heart since the missing are children.

The masked magician appears again, his boss Kurtz didn't specify on which young boy he is looking for, he just wants an "Authentic little boy" captured. Finally, the masked magician finds the perfect little boy, a boy that Kotono had found and was consoling in the woods. The boy is taken away, but is saved by Kotono's bravery, she is chosen by the boy to be the bearer of the "Justice" Tarot card. Justice transforms Kotono into Loli Black, with her newfound abilities and weapon, she is able to defeat the masked magician and take his powers away from him.