This is an article for trivia about the show.

Facts Edit

  1. The City that the girls live in, is called Arcana.
  2. Joshua hates being called an old man, especially since he is only 27.
  3. Kotono Hayama has a problem accepting Joshua as her adoptive father.
  4. Firena, got breast implants because her popularity was going down.
  5. Joshua enjoys making sweets for his friends, including Yellow Melon Cake and Tomato Tart.
  6. The Reverse Company makes a living by selling products such as Sun protection masks and creating television series.
  7. Natsuki Shirafuji has some sort of fascination or love for Kotono, as she has numerous photos and dolls of Kotono. Even going as far as kissing a picture of Kotono, when she woke up.
  8. Natsuiki's grandfather is the person who set up the Kuroki Detective Agency.
  9. Richard's name is not revealed until the end of episode 3.
  10. The Academy that the girls go to is called "Correct Academy".
  11. Kafka Plus is the only character to die in the series and stay dead, this is because he was a clone of Kafka and didn't really exist.

Running Gags Edit

  1. Kōshirō Kuroki gets blamed for everything, when it's usually not even his fault.
  2. Nike, tends to get shooed away for annoying another character.

Translation Errors Edit

  1. Some sources say it's Ewan, while others say it is Yuan.
  2. Herlock and Elrock have both been mentioned for the masked magician.
  3. Koushiro and  Kōshirō Kuroki

Goofs Edit

  1. The website, Anime Here. Shows an image of Killua, from Hunter X Hunter, instead of the Saint October cast, on their website about it.
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